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My story starts in 2008, when, as a materials engineer specialised in metals, I started working on a technology, afterwards patented, to create “something different” inside the metal, beneath its natural skin. Since then, by what I call my “prehistoric art” (can be seen in works like “Origins” or “Landscape”) I gave life to what over the years has become my brand and my signature, the Just Pure Metal art.

Since then I have been creating with my technique – perfected over the years – artworks on metal, or rather inside metal. Be it of any shape and alloy, including metal fabrics / metal wire canvas, as can be seen in this category (CANVAS)

I’ve always created my works by keeping them for myself and for my loved ones, considering them experiments and studies on art and matter, but in 2016 an art critic saw what I was doing and suggested me to show off my metalart, seeing in my innovative technique << finally something new in a world, the art, now stagnant with a “already seen and reviewed”, where technique and beauty are bent to the masses and the obscene to amaze and propose a false innovation. Something that turns metal itself into art. >>

Unfortunately I agree with that: too often I see platitudes and uglyness considered artworks since now a true inventiveness has been lost in a field where innovation is more focused on upsetting the viewer and transmitting a message of shock rather than of admiration and beauty as in the past, when the visual arts, science, poetry, music and engineering were one.

It’s not about thousands of likes on Facebook or Instagram: that doesn’t make something “art”, but just one, single person, who looks at a work, fascinated, enchanted, intrigued and looks at it with the curious eyes of a child who discovers for the first time something new.

And I’m proud to say this is the effect that my works do, when the viewer discovers that I do not use oil colors, watercolors or ink, I do not use acids, I do not use heat or abrasives, that my works can be touched, and sees my metalart changes the metal but feels smooth.

I invite you not to stop at the photos, not even the videos, I invite you to my exhibitions hoping soon to be able to reach every part of the world to bring my Just Pure Metal art to everyone!

The aim of my works is to transmit through the metal and the manipulation of matter a perspective of innovation and the possibility of experiencing art as a fusion between beauty and technology, between abstraction and science, making the metal a real protagonist, no longer a substrate for paintings or ‘acidature’, which distort the true nature of a living material, capable of transmitting different sensations and emotions depending on the light and the perspective with which it is observed. #justpuremetal, my main hashtag, sums up this thought.