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Modern artists bother to find a way to impress and express making a new creative art, sometimes by shocking art ideas, other times by minimal works; but the fact is that even creative artist offer no real art innovations, just a reinventing and a reproposal of old art techniques.
In this “already seen” scenario, metal art regain this traditional art material. Creative art expressed by modern metal art is an endeavour to reinvent the metal as modern art material but, a lot of times, it is used just as a “base”: this leads to diminishing the metal as modern art material instead of elevating it to metal art.
Honestly, I wouldn’t call me a modern artist, not even a creative artist, much more a real metal artist: my metal art comes form a new technique of mine which changes the metal in its depths. My metal art is not “using the modern metal to make something artistic”, while I turn metal to become art itself.