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DAMASCUS TREE (2013) – 60 x 50 cm –  Stainless Steel fabric canvas (Tela di tessuto di acciaio Inox)

Made of stainless steel fabric, with a very fine weave, in this work the metal fabric base has been embellished with a damask effect and then curled to give movement and flashes of light.

Metal fabrics, very similar to fabrics and canvases used by “classical” artists, not only allow transparency and light effects, but also to play with three-dimensionality, creating both planar and raised, folded, rolled or, as in this case, curled and irregular.

As all the other Just Pure Metal art works by Jan Koralberg, also this one can be considered “everlasting”, since it will last as long as the stainless steel will, resisting to time, fire, water and all the other factors that usually deteriorate or destroy traditional works.