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GRAVITY DEJA VU – 100 x 200 cm – BRASS

@The Perfect Project, CGS, Lugano – SWISS

Have you ever had a deja vu? Have you ever “felt” something before it happened?

As always in these situations, you can believe this story as well as not. Whoever knows me and who got  this work, will be witness:

This is the story of this work, even  though, given the distances (in light years), it already happened million years ago but has come to us only now.

When I created  this metalart, inspired by the cosmic theme, I pictured in my mind two suns, two stars, rotating close releasing waves from their dance. I previously called it “Gravitational Waves”.

Now it’s called “Gravity Deja Vu” just because it was finished and previewed two days before the extraordinary astrophysics  detection of neutron stars collision that led to the generation of gravitational waves for the first time in the history from visible stars and not from black holes!