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Large abstract work made on raw zinc, started in 2016, completed in March 2018.

It was conceived to deal with the most unknown subject: the Holographic Principle, concept of quantum gravity.
This, among other things, solves a paradox of string theory; among the distinguished physicists who have contributed (and still work) to the formulation of this immense theory, there is the name of Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14, 2018. This mourning in the world of science has led to a rapid completion of the work dedicated to him.

On the event horizon, observable limit of a black hole, there is in fact the date of the illustrious scientist’s death, as well as the formula with which he himself asked to be remembered.

As postulated, thanks to the Holographic Principle information is not lost, but remains etched and clear by resisting cosmic forces like that of a black hole … And of Death itself.